Wisconsin Fog by Becky Mather

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to submit photos of the 1993 Flood but the rules say photos may not be over three years old?  You are correct, photographs must have been taken after January 1, 2014. The goal of the Mississippi River Photo ShootOut is to show a contemporary vision of the river, and how people utilize and view the river today.  There are other forums for showing the Mississippi River from a historical point of view. 

Do I retain the copyright to my art and photographs?  The artist retains ownership of their art and photography.  If your art work is accepted into the exhibit you will be required to give the Mississippi River Photo ShootOut, its sponsors and the organizations that display the exhibition written permission to use the photos in advertising and promoting the exhibition.  This may include regional publications that will be promoting the exhibition. We have already had requests from publications wanting to be informed who in their region has been accepted into the exhibit.

May I submit photos that do not show the Mississippi River?  Sometimes photographing activities along the river may not actually include the river in the photograph.  An excellent example may be photographs of eagles soaring above the river. Yes, you may submit photographs that do not show the river as long as the subject has a direct relationship to the river.

May I submit photographs that have been enhanced in Photoshop?   Ever since people started taking photographs in the early 1800’s photographers have been posing and enhancing their photographs.  Yes, photographs that have been “Photoshopped” may be submitted. Give it your best shot! If it’s good photography, enhanced or not, it will be seriously considered. Warning: It is easy to overdo enhancing your photographs. We probably saw 15% of the photographs submitted in the previous exhibit rejected because of over sharpenign and over saturation.

May I submit 2D or 3D art that has been enhanced? No, photographs of art (2D or 3D) should accurately represent the final art.

Who will be judging the Mississippi River Photo ShootOut?  We are in the process of selecting judges.  There will be three judges for the exhibit. The judges will be announced once all three have been selected.

May I submit art or photographs taken on rivers that flow into the Mississippi?  Our exhibit is about the Mississippi River and we only want to show photos relating to the Mississippi.  The only art and photos of other rivers that will be accepted will be those taken at the confluence, where other rivers flow into the Mississippi. 

Do I need a model release if people are shown in my photograph?  This is always a tough question to answer.  Generally, if the people you photograph are on public property, on the river itself, doing a public activity such as fishing, boating, picnicking we will not require a model release.  The first question to ask yourself is anyone recognizable?  If they are not recognizable there is not much concern.  If they are recognizable it is always better to have a model release.  If the people are on private property then they may have an expectation of privacy and a model release is required.  Having model releases for people appearing in the exhibit will be a fine line the organizers and judges will have to determine. If you have people in your photograph we may contact you about a model release prior to accepting your image for the exhibition.  We will also ask our judges to make sure that photographs of people are in good taste and are acceptable for family viewing.

I work for a towboat company. May I submit photos taken of my towboat and crew members?  We would like nothing more than having great photographs of the men and women that earn a living working on and along the river.  I would suggest you check with your employer prior to submitting photographs. Make sure your employer has no objection to art or photography created on their property. A property release would be necessary. Model releases may need to be available if you photograph your co-workers.

If I submit more than one art work or photograph, can more than one be in the exhibit?  Yes, we will be selecting photographs strictly on subject matter and quality, In our original exhibition we had several artists have more than one image accepted, so GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT!

Are you going to sell prints from the exhibit?  Artwork and photography will be available for sale on the Confluence Art Gallery website. Prints will only be sold for decor purposes.  Exhibiting artists will have the opportunity to opt-in if they want to sell their art and photography. We will work out the details prior to the exhibition and you can determine whether or not you want to sell your original art or prints. Confluence Art Gallery will take a 35% commission on all sales.

Will I receive recognition for my photography in the exhibit?  Absolutely, we want all the exhibiting artists and photographers to receive proper credit for their art and photography including where they live and where the art was created.  We will also have an exhibition catalog where you will be recognized, and if you want, we can provide viewers with your contact information.  When your photograph is displayed on our website you will receive credit.

Will my photograph(s) be on exhibit on the internet?  Yes, this year the exhibition will be online and all the accepted art and photographsq will be on display on these websites, www.ConfluenceArt Gallery.com and www.MississippiRiverPhotoShootOut.com, and some images may be exhibited on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/MississippiRiverPhotoShootOut.  All artists will be credited wherever their photograph is displayed.

Does the photographer provide the ShootOut with prints for the exhibit?  No, this year is an online exhibition. Upon acceptance you will be required to provide us with a high resolution digital file of your art. 

How do I enter my photographs and pay my entry fee? We use the application EntryThingy to enter photographs in the Mississippi River Photo shootout exhibition.  We believe you will find this on-line application both easy and quick to use. To start the process click the link below and follow the instructions. If you are already using EntryThingy all you need to do is enter your User ID and Password. If you are new to EntryThingy you will first need to take five minutes and fill out a artist profile. Once you have completed and submitted your application you will then use the PayPal Button to pay for your submission. You may also pay by check by following the instructions in the EntryThingy application.

Will these photos be put into a book available to the artist and people that work these rivers? We may create a book like we did for the original exhibition and all the artists will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book.

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Give It Your Best Shot!

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